Airport Transfers Bradford

York Airport Transfers Service is provided by Ets Cars. You probably must be thinking of a taxi to catch after your arrival. Ets Cars are here for you to provide you with a taxi from York to the nearest airport. The nearest major airport for York is Leeds Bradford International Airport. 

The distance between York and Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) is 24 miles. The road distance is 30 miles. Ets cars are here for you upon arrival. If you need a taxi, we will pick you up from Airport and drop you at your desired location.

We have different options for you whether you need a car, people carrier, minibus, or executive people carrier. Always ensure your destination while booking online; if you travel to York or from Leeds Bradford Airport to York, quote your details accurately. Make sure to pre-book your taxi.

About Bradford

Bradford is a city in the West of Yorkshire, England. The city has a population of 349,561, according to a 2011 report. Bradford is the second largest subdivision of West Yorkshire Built-Up Area after Leeds. 

The Bradford Metropolitan District covers an area of ​​approximately 141 square miles and spans the towns of Airedale, Wharfdale, Worth Valley, Bradford City, Bingley, Ilkley, Keighley, and Shipley. Many other parishes in the district include Addingham, Baildon, Burley of Wharfedale, Cullingworth, Denholm, Eastburn, Eccleshill, Howarth, Menston, Oxenhope, Queensbury, Silsden, Stretton, and Thornton.

The Industrial Revolution transformed Bradford from a rural market town into an international trade center, the ‘Wool Capital of the World’, but today more than 70% of his borough is clean and green. It’s an open space.

The Bradford area has over 4,000 listed buildings. The impressive Victorian architectural heritage includes the Town Hall and the Council Center with its Italian clock tower. Wool Exchange is in the heart of downtown. A little German hidden delight nearby. One of Britain’s finest Victorian Gothic cemeteries is at Undercliffe, filled with obelisks, large columns, and statues of angels. Also, Manningham Mills and the industrial ‘model villages’ of Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are other reminders of the borough’s industrialization. Heritage.



Cow and Calf Rocks

The Cow and Calf Rocks are impressive rocky outcrops perched on Ilkley Moor. From the top of the rock, you have a fantastic view of Ilkley and Wharfdale. You can also enjoy rock climbing (but be careful). The millstone and sandstone landmark got its name because, like a calf near its mother, a small boulder sits near a much larger formation.


White Wells

It is an art gallery and museum in Birmingham. Birmingham Museum Trust governs it. It is positioned within Chamberlain square.


Twelve Apostles Stone Circle

The Twelve Apostles is a beautiful stone circle with the atmosphere of Ilkley Moor. Stone circles dated back to the Bronze Age (3000-1200 BC) and were used for ceremonial purposes. As with many similar stone circles, the summer solstice usually gathers here.


Ferrand's Folly

A great walk with hills, waterfalls, ruins, woods, and some decent pubs! The road up to Ferrand’s Folly is very steep, so as with the golf course, be careful in winter.


Back Route to Ilkley

If you are unfamiliar with this back road, I highly recommend it! Narrow single-track roads, beautiful countryside, and winding roads lead from Bolton Abbey to Ilkley.


Top Withens

Top Withens is a derelict farmhouse in a remote moorland that inspired the location of Wuthering Heights, the home of the Earnshaw family in Emily Brontë’s novel.


Hambleton Lane

This section of single braided wire is the highlight of the area. Cycling in either direction is fun, but most people prefer to cycle west to east. Be careful, though – there isn’t a lot of highly technical driving at low speeds; if you’re driving at high speeds, the trail can drive you through canyons with dead ends and “fun” rock formations.


St Peter's Church

St. Peter’s is a reconstruction of an early 15th-century Norman church. It retains some of the original architecture within the tower and medieval, Tudor, and Victorian features. The church is a listed building.


Goit Stock Falls

If you like waterfalls, this is your hike! A bit muddy and slippery in rain or winter, so be careful, but either way, it’s a beautiful hike with lots of waterfalls. Local treasure.


Spen Valley Greenway

The Greenway is an excellent paved cycling route of about 7 miles from Bradford to Dewsbury. This part of West Yorkshire is densely built, and the main roads are heavily trafficked and unsuitable for cyclists. The Greenway is an excellent car-free route connecting all the towns and villages of the Open Valley.


Brontë Waterfall

This waterfall is a must-see for all fans of the Brontë sisters. The Falls, a few miles from Haworth, where they grew up, was where the sisters visited to talk about their literary fantasies, which eventually became their works of classical literature. It is truly spectacular and offers spectacular views of the Worth Valley.


Lister Park

Lister Park is one of the largest parks in Bradford, donated by Samuel Cunliffe Lister to the City of Bradford. In recent years the park has been successfully rebuilt. The lake has been reopened with boats and Mughal Water Gardens. There is also a tennis, basketball, bowling alley, and children’s playground.

Lister Park is home to Cartwright Hall, an art gallery that hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions of contemporary and traditional art.


Swastika Stone

Of all the ancient carved stones lavishly scattered throughout Ilkley Moor, the Swastika Stone is the most famous. The theory is that swastika-style patterns carved into the rock were carved by occupying forces during Roman times. Although this pattern is unique to England, a similar pattern has also been found in Italy, supporting the hypothesis that arriving troops mimicked the patterns seen near their homes.